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ProductProduct Description
MBot BT Blue v1.1 -500x500mBot V1.1-Blue (Bluetooth Version)
SGD $145.00
Ranger-500x500mBot Ranger-Transformable STEM Educational Robot Kit
SGD $230.00
Robot Arm AddOn-500x500Robotic Arm Add-on Pack for Starter Robot Kit-Blue
SGD $140.00
Starter BT -500x500Starter Robot Kit (Bluetooth Version)
SGD $233.00
Battery Holder 2016-02-27mBot BATTERY HOLDER (* For 18650B Li-ion Rechargeable Battery)
SGD $5.35
Ultimate BotUltimate 2.0 - 10-in-1 Robot Kit
SGD $540.00
Programmable Drone
SGD $154.00
Codey RockyCodey Rocky
SGD $150.00